In Memoriam

April began her career in Search and Rescue (SAR) in 2003 with a group out of Boulder Colorado named Front Range Rescue Dogs which is focused on wilderness SAR. After learning the basics of wilderness SAR work April delved into urban SAR with a group out of Lakewood Colorado named Colorado Task Force One (COTF1) which is sponsored by the West Metro Fire District. In 2006 April joined the team at COTF1 as an employee helping to manage the groups logistics.  During her tenure with COTF1 April has been deployed to Hurricane Katrina (2005), Hurricane Rita (2005), Hurricane Gustav (2008), & Hurricane Ike (2008) and has also been deployed with her eldest SAR dog, Ankh, trained in Human Remains Detection to the Lower North Fork Fire in Colorado (2013), & the historic flooding in Lyons Colorado (2014). They also responded to numerous individual searches West Metro Fire.  April retired Ankh, at the age of 13, shortly after her last search in 2014.