Stoner began his SAR career in 2005 and fully retired in March of 2016 at the age of 12 years old.  He was a dual purpose dog, trained and certified in trailing and human remains detection.  During his career, he was involved in numerous searches throughout Colorado and the surrounding states.  Stoner was one of CFC's first canines.  He had a calm, methodical style of searching, making him a good detail dog.  His work ethic was one of patience and perseverance, willing to work all day or multiple days, as needed.  Stoner has a genuine love for all people, always demonstrating the importance of peace and kindness during his work.  He served the community for many years searching for the missing.

earl retired.jpg

K9 Earl began her career in 2009 and retired in August of 2017. Earl was dual certified in Wilderness Air Scent and Human Remains Detection. Earl and Dorri had the privilege of participating in numerous searches throughout Colorado with CFC, SARDUS and GCSAR. In the field, Earl was an energetic, fast moving Border Collie who excelled in large area wilderness search and also enjoyed the detail work often required for Human Remains Detection. Her strong problem solving skills and understanding of environmental factors were an asset in the field. As Dorri’s first SAR dog, Earl will always hold a very special place in her heart.  Earl will enjoy her retirement years, hiking and skiing with Dorri in the mountains of Colorado.