Stoner, who excelled at everything he did.

Stoner, who excelled at everything he did.

Every year, Colorado Forensic Canines offers a variety of educational opportunities to the community, geared specifically towards law enforcement, canine search and recovery teams, canine certifications, the legal community, dive teams and more. We are open to your suggestions regarding future topics so please feel free to contact us with your ideas.

2017 Training, Certification and Educational Opportunities.

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May 21-24. Lakewood, CO. NAPWDA Cadaver Training and Certification

Master Trainer: Dr. Stephen McKenzie, New York.  $325 one dog/ one handler.

This seminar is full. Audit space available. $175


 June 15-18. Trailing Seminar with Janet Wilts, Bonnie Whitman and Beat Marti.

1 to 3 student to instructor ratio. Cost: $450. Audit space: $200. 

Location: either Lake County or Park County. Determination to be made shortly.

This seminar will fill very quickly so book early.


June 20-22. HRD Seminar with Janet Wilts and Bonnie Whitman.

Low student ratio: 4 to 1. Cost: $400.    Audit Fee: $200.

Location: either Lake County or Park County. Determination to be made shortly.

This seminar will book very quickly so reserve your spot early.

June 23. Private Lessons with either Bonnie Whitman or Janet Wilts

This is a new offering this year and we expect the slots to fill quickly. Two hours for $125 one on one instruction. Three slots for each instructor.  If you are interested in one on one trailing instruction, we will pair you up with a second trailing team "back to back" so that you may lay trails for each other.  We do have the option of adding another day on June 24th but only after the 23rd is full. No audits for private lessons.

Sept. 14-17. NAPWDA Training and Certification.

Master Trainer: Greg Strickland, Florida

Fairplay, CO.  Cost: $325. One dog/ one handler. Audit Fee: $175. Shore certification only.

This certification will fill quickly.





Summer of 2017.

Guest Speaker: Michele Stuart of JAG Enterprises. Michele is an internationally sought after speaker, and "go to " person for the FBI when trying to locate difficult to find people. She is a social media expert.  Michele will be presenting an 8 hour class on this topic which will be relevant to law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and attorneys. More details to follow.

Cost: $250