2019 Seminar and Training Calendar

Stoner, who excelled at everything he did.

Stoner, who excelled at everything he did.

Every year, Colorado Forensic Canines offers a variety of educational opportunities to the community, geared specifically towards law enforcement, canine search and recovery teams, canine certifications, the legal community, dive teams and more. We are open to your suggestions regarding future topics so please feel free to contact us with your ideas. bonefinder51@gmail.com

Colorado Forensic Canines' Search Dog School Training has put together an extensive selection of training opportunities for canines as well as a annual seminar for law enforcement, fire departments, coroners, district attorneys. Please see our calendar of events listed below. You may contact us directly if you are interested in enrolling in any of the events, space permitted.

Colorado Forensic Canines maintains the highest standards for all canine teams we use. Yearly re certification is mandatory. Training logs are mandatory. We are happy to discuss our standards at any time. 

Also, our practices are open to anybody who wishes to come and see how we train. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

2019 Training, Certification and Educational Opportunities.

Register at bonefinder51@gmail.com

1.  February 25, 0800, Lakewood, Police Department

From Teeth To Toes. An all day workshop on forensic anthropology, with specifics on burnt remains, cutting and knife wounds,  and recovery in the field.  Dr. Steve Symes,  state anthropologist for Mississippi, Dr John Berketa, renowned forensic odontologist from the University of Adelaide, AUS and Dr. Erika L'Barre, the only board certified forensic anthropologist on the African continent, will be the presenters. 

Cost: $125 per person. See flyer at the bottom of the page. Open to ALL.

2. April 6 and 7,  0800, Frank D'Angelis Training Center, Wheatridge, CO

K9 Medic; two day comprehensive course on k9 field first aid, assistance and rescue.

Instructors: www.k9medic.com

This course is full. Taking wait list names. 

Contact Karen Williams to be added to a wait list. KWilliams@larimercountysar.com

3.  May 23 and 24th, followed by separate class on May 25th and 26th.

FIRS ( Forensic Information Research Station)  Advanced Canine Training 

Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO. Whole body cadaver training for dogs who possess a national certification. See attached flyer. 

Canine instructors: Kim Sadar, Bonnie Guzman, Mary Berry and John Beck. 

Contact Chrissy Baigent for registration and all details. cbaigent@coloradomesa.edu   Space available. 

4. June 6-9. Fairplay, CO.

NAPWDA Training and Certification

Master Trainer: Greg Strickland, Blue Ridge, GA

Roster is full. Audit Space Only.

Audit Cost: $200.

5. June 10. Leadville, CO

Historic Grave Training

Facilitator: Bonnie Guzman

No charge. Contact me immediately if interested.


6. August 3-4. Lakewood, CO

Motivational Training Seminar

Trainer: Craig Schultz, FBI

Closed Training for CFC Members only.


7. Sept. 29, 30, Oct. 1

NAPWDA Training and Certification

Park County, CO

Master Trainer: Roy Lopez, U.S. Border Patrol, San Diego, CA

Training/Testing: $325. Audit: $200.

8. November 1-3

NAPWDA Training and Certification

Littleton, CO

Master Trainer: Matthew Devaney, U.S. Border Patrol, El Paso, TX

Space available for training/testing and/or audit.

Training/Testing: $325. Audit: $200.

9. November 12 8-5 PM

Domestic Violence- From Obsessive Love to Murder; Stalking and Stalking Behaviors

Speaker: Michael Prodan, Criminal Investigative Profiler, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

Lakewood P.D. Lakewood, CO

Cost: $125.

bonefinder51@gmail.com for registration info

10. November 13 8-12

Threat Assessment of Targeted Violence in Schools

Afternoon session: 1-5

Threat Assessment and Management; Work Place Violence and Mass Murder. High Risk Terminations

Speaker: Michael Prodan. Criminal Investigative Profiler, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

Lakewood P.D., Lakewood, CO

Cost: $65 per person each session. $125 for both sessions.

bonefinder51@gmail.com to register.

All NAPWDA rules and regulations can be reviewed at






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