KRIS BROCK- Board Member

Kris Brock with Mitch and Charlie

Kris Brock with Mitch and Charlie

Kris Brock is a native of Wyoming.  She started working with search dogs in November 2002.  She is a certified search dog handler, living with three Yellow Labs.  Tate was born in July, 2003.  He was certified in trailing, wilderness/air scent, cadaver, evidence and water search disciplines. Tate is now fully retired. Mitchell was born in September, 2011 and is certified in cadaver, wilderness/air scent and water. Charlie was born in June, 2013 and is a certified cadaver dog.


Kris was born and raised in Cody, Wyoming and she spends considerable time in the mountains, just outside Yellowstone National Park. She is married and has two daughters and four grandchildren. Kris and her family enjoy camping and competing in team roping with their horses.  Kris is also trained in GPS, 4-wheeling, snowmobile, basic Man-Tracking, ICS, Wilderness First Aid and CPR.


In addition to being a member of High Country Search Dogs, Kris is also a member of the Park County Search and Rescue Team in Wyoming.





Bonnie Guzman- Board Member

Bonnie Guzman and K9, Porter

Bonnie's SAR career started in 2007 when she opted to train Dobermans specifically for human remains detection, with an emphasis on historic human remains. After a career as an RN taking care of criminals in prison, Bonnie wanted to invest her time in putting criminals behind bars.

 Bonnie is the newest addition to the Park County Coroner's office, serving as a Deputy Coroner.
Her husband is retired Denver Police Department officer. She is a member of  the Doberman Pinscher Club of the Rocky Mountain Area, the Doberman Pinscher Club of America and the United Doberman Club, for which she serves as membership secretary. 

Certified K9  Porter
Swift Run’s Warrior (call name Porter)
Doberman Pinscher born 3/16/2008

Cadaver and Obedience, North American Police Work Dog Association,  Fairplay, Colorado. September 2016. Test included area search, buried, water, vehicles, buildings and rubble. Previously certified in 2015, 2014, 2013  2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009.

K9 Porter Temperament, Obedience and Working Titles
American Working Dog Federation: BH (Begleithundepruefung) 
American Kennel Club: Canine Good Citizen
Doberman Pinscher Club of America: Working Aptitude Certificate
American Kennel Club: Rally Advanced
Schutzhund: Scent Article Discrimination  1  (Stoberprufung 1)

Swift Run’s Hell Hath No Fury, call name Tavi (Octavia)
Doberman Pinscher born 7/12/2012

Certification: Cadaver and Obedience, North American Police Work Dog Association,  Lakewood, Colorado. April 2014. Test included area search, buried, water, vehicles, buildings and rubble.

Bonnie's Second Dog, Octavia



Octavia, Bonnie's second canine

Swift Run's Hell Hath No Fury is now a welcome addition to Bonnie Guzman's search and recovery dogs. "Tavi" has an extraordinary nose and boundless energy.

DOB 7/16/2012

Certified in cadaver and obedience; NAPWDA, April 2014, 2015 and 2016.

K9 Titles and Temperament:

WAC, 2015




Dorri Penny

Dorri Penny and K9, Earl

Dorri Penny and K9, Earl

Dorri began her SAR career in 2009 with Grand County Search and Rescue and has been heavily involved with all aspects of Search and Rescue including GCSAR Dog Team lead.  She began training her first search dog, Earl, in 2009, focusing initially on Wilderness Air Scent and then expanding to Trailing and Human Remains Detection.  K9 Earl is an energetic, fast moving Border Collie who excels at large area search and enjoys the challenge of detailed HRD work.

Dorri and Earl have participated in many missions within Grand County as well as other locations in Colorado.  In addition to her work with CFC, she remains a working member of Grand County Search and Rescue and Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States – Colorado chapter.


SARDUS HRD recertification:  February 2016

Human Remains Detection: Type III and IV – (land cadaver air scent – urban, wilderness, and debris field – buried, on or above surface) October 2014: Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States.

Wilderness Air scent – Type II (multiples subjects, 120 acre day test, 30 acre night test) August 2011 and September 2014: Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States.

Canine Good Citizen: 2010

K9 Earl born April 13, 2008

Dorri’s new border collie puppy Flame at one of her first HRD practices.  Flame, born 11/27/15, is in training for both trailing and HRD.

Dorri’s new border collie puppy Flame at one of her first HRD practices.  Flame, born 11/27/15, is in training for both trailing and HRD.

Rae Randolph

Rae Randolph and Oso

Rae Randolph and Oso

Rae has been practicing law as a criminal defense attorney for 34 years and maintains an active practice in Pagosa Springs and Durango, Colorado.  She lives with her husband Jamie in Southern Colorado.  They have seven grandchildren all under the age of six!

Rae began her Search and Rescue career in 2006 as a K9 handler with La Plata County Search and Rescue in Durango, Colorado.  She certified her first dog, Selah in Trailing and Cadaver 2 with Tri-State.  Selah and Rae were fielded with La Plata County SAR for 10 years and Selah is now retired. Rae started her current K9, Oso in 2014 and he has certified in Obedience, Article/Evidence and, Cadaver through NAPWDA and Shoreline with Tri-State. Rae also has CPR and Wilderness First Aid certifications.


Kim Sadar- Board Member

Kim Sadar and K9, Henry

Kim has been involved in SAR since 2005. Since that time, she has trained with some of the best SAR and Law Enforcement trainers in the country. Kim began training SAR dogs in 2005. She has trained dogs in trailing, human remains detection, historic human remains detection, wilderness air scent and evidence. Kim's current working dog is a golden retriever named Henry; dual certified in trailing and human remains detection. Henry's strengths are working large areas or areas requiring agility such as rubble and debris. Kim is also training a new dog named A.J., both in trailing and human remains detection. Her oldest dog Stoner is now fully retired after 10 years in SAR.

Kim is co-founder of CFC. She is a native of Colorado and a retired firefighter. 


Certified K9 Henry
Golden Retriever born 11/29/2008


 Henry is alerting at source in the rocks.

Cadaver, Tracking and Obedience, North American Police Work Dog Association,  Lakewood, Colorado. May, 2016. Test included area search, buried, water, vehicles, buildings and rubble piles.  Previously certified in Cadaver and Obedience in 2013 and 2014 and 2015. SARDUS, cadaver, October 2014.

SARDUS Trailing ( NIMS level III, Suburban)-  March, 2015

2013 Attended K9 seminar at the Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State. Exposure to full cadavers in different states of decomposition, both buried and surface.


                                                                                               Kim's new puppy, AJ. Born 08-11-2015, he is training in both trailing and HR.

AJ is now certified in cadaver, through NAPWDA, Sept. 2016.


Jim Delbridge

Jim Delbridge and K9, Murphy                                                      

Jim Delbridge and K9, Murphy                                                      

Training and working SAR dogs since March 1995.

Working and training HR dogs since Summer 1997.

Currently working Murphy, third certified HR detection dog, certified with NAPWDA, April, 2014. Previous certifications in 2013, 2012.

Death Investigator for Oklahoma's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner since October 2004.

Education: Masters in Electrical Engineering.  Six hours shy of Masters in Forensic Science, Technical Investigator path.  Not completed due to starting as Death Investigator.

Completed 8-hour seminar in Water Death Investigation.

NASAR SAR Tech II for 15 years.

Yates, Jim's young Airedale in training. In this picture, she is working historic level bones.

Yates, Jim's young Airedale in training. In this picture, she is working historic level bones.


Mary Berry

Mary A. Berry, DVM

Mary A. Berry, DVM

Mary began her career of Search and Rescue (SAR) dog training in 1986 in Albuquerque, NM, and has successfully certified trailing, wilderness area air scent, cadaver, and disaster dogs.  She founded Sandia Search Dogs in 1999. She was a member of the New Mexico Task Force One FEMA team from 1993-2007 as a dog handler and team veterinarian.  SAR deployments include hundreds of wilderness missions and deployment to the Pentagon for 9/11, and to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita with the disaster team.  Mary is NASAR SAR Tech II certified and NM Field Certified.  As a long time member of NM SAR, she was honored to receive the Ralph Dawdy Memorial Award signifying her dedication to the SAR community. Mary has presented numerous topics on dog training and, since a also a veterinarian, field first aid to canine handlers at the New Mexico annual SAR conference, Arizona SAR conference,  and other venues.  She also authored the “Use of Canines in SAR” chapter in the Boy Scouts of America’s Search and Rescue Merit Badge book, released in 2013.

Currently, Mary is handling Taz for CFC, a 5 yr old yellow Labrador Retriever that is dual certified by Sandia Search Dogs in Wilderness Area Air Scent and Human Remains Detection.  Taz is an athletic, high energy dog who bears his name “Tazmanian Devil” well.  He excels at large area searches and rubble search.

NAPWDA certified, cadaver, Sept. 2016 in Fairplay, CO



Heidi was born in Canada, raised in California and moved to Durango, CO in 2014. She began her SAR career in 2013 but has been involved in rescuing and recruiting dogs for live-find/air-scent for first-responders, FEMA K-9 handlers in particular, since the Oklahoma City bombing. Pippa is the first search dog she has handled, and one of the best dogs she’s recruited.

Pippa is a field-bred Labrador Retriever who has an unending supply of energy and drive. It is Pippa’s talent and need for action that motivated Heidi to move from recruiter to handler – and from California to Colorado. In addition to CFC, Heidi and Pippa are active members of La Plata County SAR. They are certified in obedience, HRD and article search.


Pippa is approximately 4 years old. Her birthdate is unknown as she was found and recruited from the Humane Society shelter in Durango, CO. Pippa excels at HRD, air-scent and article searching. She also is trained in trailing. Pippa lives with her buddy Roscoe, a 13 year old Lab and 2 cats who humble her daily.


Certified June, 2016 in obedience, article search and Human Remains Detection, Lakewood, CO - NAPWDA


Cindy Oliver

Cindy Oliver

Cindy Oliver

Cindy has been a member of Sandia Search Dogs for over eleven years. She is currently training her Labrador, Callie, in both trailing and cadaver. Callie is mission ready in both areas and has attained certification with Sandia Search Dogs in both, as well as attained cadaver certification through North American Police Work Dog Association ( NAPWDA). Cindy has also trained an air scent search dog and has attained SAR TECH II status through NASAR. As a member of Sandia Search Dogs, Cindy has held numerous board positions including president, training officer,  and membership officer. Cindy was the secretary for New Mexico Search Council from 2010-2013.

Current certification from NAPWDA, Sept. 2016.


Karen Williams


Karen started her career with search dog training in 2007 with Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado (SARDOC).  She joined her local county Search and Rescue team, Larimer County Search and Rescue, in 2008.

Karen has an eight year old yellow Labrador Retriever named Sage.  Sage is a certified wilderness trailing type II and suburban trailing type III dog with SARDUS.  Sage also recently received her Type 3/4 HRD certification with SARDUS.  Sage is a focused, high drive dog that loves to work on both HRD and live finds.

In addition to Karen’s work with her K9, she is an ITC for her county fielding calls for Search and Rescue managers when a mission arises.  She also serves as Director-At-Large on the Board of SARDOC.


Karen holds the following certifications for her dog Sage:

SARDUS – Type 11 Wilderness Trailing, Type III Suburban Trailing, and Type 3/4 HRD.


Karen belongs to the following organizations:

  • Colorado Forensic Canines

  • Search and Rescue Dogs of U.S. (SARDUS)

  • Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado (SARDOC)





Anthropology/Forensic Investigations


Gary Scott, Anthropologist, Forensic Analyst, Metro State University- Board Member

Gary Scott

Gary Scott

Gary has a B.A. from the University of North Dakota, a M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the latter at at which his advisor  was Dr. William Bass, originator of the "Body Farm," forensic research facility.  He has been an adjunct faculty Anthropology instructor at Metropolitan State University of Denver for three years and with the Community College of Aurora for over eighteen years. His personal interests focus within the areas of human osteology, forensics and search techniques.  Additionally, Gary has been with the Human Identification Laboratory (HIL) for 3 years and has assisted Federal, State, City and County law enforcement agencies with multiple human remains searches and the analysis of human skeletal remains. Gary appreciates the relationship that has developed between Colorado Forensic Canines and the HIL.




Nick Zell, Anthropologist, Metro State University

Nick Zell

Nick Zell

Nick received his bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Colorado Boulder. He went on to complete his master’s in forensic anthropology at Boston University School of Medicine. His thesis examined the effects of various household chemicals on osteological remains. He is currently an affiliate faculty member at Metropolitan State University of Denver where he teaches physical anthropology, forensic anthropology, and osteology/anatomy courses. He is also currently an investigative intern with the Denver Office of the Medical examiner and a certified medicolegal death investigator with the Colorado Coroner’s Association. He has completed continuing training in death investigation, mass fatality scenarios, CBRNE and WMD first response, and practical remains recovery. Nick is a death investigator with Weld County Coroner's Office, Colorado






Katharina Hemingway, Department of Anthropology, University of Denver, Denver, CO

Katharina Hemingway

Katharina Hemingway

I discovered an interest for ground-penetrating radar during my undergraduate studies at the University of Denver about 2 years ago. It's ability to quickly, accurately, and non-destructively collect and present data is fascinating and an incredibly powerful technique that always has my interests peaked. My focus lies in using the GPR system for its forensic abilities, and I have worked on a variety of projects including assisting police departments on investigations, with historical and private cemeteries to locate lost burials, as well as simply looking for lost graves. It is also always a great pleasure to team-up with these fascinating dogs when we face difficult, large terrain. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding ground-penetrating radar, or if you need to figure out whether it would be appropriate to use this service on your project. Phone: 303-884-4613 or E-mail:







Steve Elbert

             Steve Elbert

             Steve Elbert

I am a store manager for K&G Fashion Superstores in Aurora, Colorado. Over the past 14 years, I have managed K&G stores in St. Louis, New Orleans, Atlanta and Oakland. I grew up in Mason City, Iowa. I played high school football, baseball and wrestled. I am an avid Colorado skier and have also skied Lake Tahoe, Utah, and Minnesota. My other interests include hiking, climbing 14ers, golf and biking. I joined the search for two missing hikers in the Mt. Evans Wilderness Area during the summer of 2014 and was part of the recovery team that located the men. My teammates say that my strong points are my strength, commitment, determination and sense of humor.





Amanda Kreider                                 


Over the past 15 years Amanda has worked as a field biologist, fire ecologist, wildand firefighter, and environmental consultant.  As a result,  Amanda  has gained experience in navigation, GPS use, and hiking/backpacking, and has a great appreciation for nature and the outdoors. Amanda has been a member of the Sandia Search Dogs for over 2 years as a field support member. In addition, she is currently training to be a second handler for a Labrador, Gus, on Sandia Search Dogs in air scent.   Amanda has attained SAR TECH II status through NASAR and is currently the secretary for Sandia Search Dogs.  


Faye Manceaux


Faye Manceaux

Faye Manceaux

I spent 31 years teaching teenagers and am currently retired. Some of my current time is spent supporting Colorado Forensic Canines in the capacity as Field Support along with driving the search boat for the group.

I have also trained 4 dogs to Schutzhund titles which includes tracking and obedience as part of the requirement. Because I have spent the last 30 years training dogs as a hobby, I understand the intricacies of training tracking, and the difficulty of the task. I currently serve as Western KG Secretary for the dog organization of DVG.

In addition, my love of the outdoors has instilled in me a confidence in the wilderness. Since I am an avid hiker it helps with physical conditioning, as well as, a healthy respect for Mother Nature. Colorado outdoor activities have been my passion for years. These qualities are needed in a person supporting the dog teams in outdoor searches.







Misty McGuire Keyoth- Board Member

Misty McGuire Keyoth (Trail Name - Tripping)                                                                                                                                      

Misty McGuire Keyoth (Trail Name - Tripping)                                                                                                                                      

I have served as a non-certified SAR volunteer, when available, since 1979. I am an avid hiker and snowshoer. I love the outdoors and am grateful to call Colorado my home. My strongest asset is probably that most of what I have learned has come from experience. I am proficient in navigation, mapping, and GPS use. I started geocaching in June of 2007 and quickly became the fourth highest ranked geocacher in Colorado. Although I still geocache, I stopped logging caches on the website in 2011. I also served on the Geocaching Colorado Board. My passion is to work directly with families in an effort to locate their missing loved ones





Scott Keyoth

Scott Keyoth (Trail Name - Skilroy)          

Scott Keyoth (Trail Name - Skilroy)          

I became involved in SAR as a non-certified volunteer in April of 2014. I spend my weekends hiking or snowshoeing. I respect and appreciate the Colorado Mountains. My exceptional eye sight and attention to detail serves me well outdoors. I have a good sense of direction and map/compass knowledge. I am proficient at navigating with a GPS. I started geocaching in June of 2007 and became the sixth ranked geocacher in Colorado. Although I still geocache, I stopped logging caches on the website in 2011, as I wanted to be outdoors more than sitting behind a computer.





Susan Schwartz

                                Susan Schwartz

                                Susan Schwartz

My interests include hiking, climbing, mountaineering, canyoneering, and snow sports, and I've had the good fortune to be able to do extensive back country travel, a great deal of it with map and compass prior to GPS availability for civilian use. In 2003, I wanted to learn how to use these new tools and started geocaching as a way of getting familiar with the new technology. Since then the “Geocaching Game” has become an end in itself – it's taken me to many interesting places which I would not have discovered otherwise, and back to some favorite areas that I had not visited in a long time.


I have climbed all of the 14,000' peaks in the lower 48 states and all peaks above 13,000' in Colorado and Utah, and have through hiked two long distance trails. I believe that being comfortable in rough terrain, both above and below timberline, and my experience in living outdoors and working through the logistics required to do these things are assets that I can bring to the CFC group.

Caryn Marie Skinner

Caryn Marie Skinner                                                          

Caryn Marie Skinner                                                          

I grew up outside of Madison, WI and moved to Colorado in 2002 to lead backpacking trips for youth with YoungLife. I taught Outdoor Education at the YMCA of the Rockies, Snow Mountain Ranch where I met my husband. My degree is in Social Work but I currently work at the Good Samaritan Loveland Village administering the medications and treatments to Assisted Living residents. I am passionate about exercise and teach fitness (Step, Aqua and Senior) classes at the Loveland Chilson Center. (I am currently back in school taking some pre-requisite classes for Nursing or Exercise Science.) I love being outdoors hiking, climbing, camping, backpacking, swimming, snowshoeing and gardening. I especially enjoy being up high on the summits of the beautiful mountains around us. I have gained some experience with navigation through my backpacking trips with Younglife, the Outdoor Education classes I taught at the YMCA and on my own outdoor adventures. I am also passionate about helping others and look forward to the opportunity to serve in this way with CFC.

Kirk Hilbelink

             Kirk Hilbelink

             Kirk Hilbelink

I'm an avid wanderer and naturally curious soul. My background is in geology as a profession and rock collecting as an addiction.  I also enjoy the occasional long trail run or off-trail excursion. All of these passions, along with an innate appreciation of the canine world, resulted in a serendipitous joining of the CFC circle in 2015. I live in Conifer with my wife Aspen, two squirrely young boys and three dogs.







Silvia Pettem

Silvia Pettem is a self-employed researcher, author, writer, and public speaker with a passion for researching cold cases, unidentified remains, and longtime missing persons. She spent the first two decades of her career doing historical research and writing for individu­als, businesses, and local governments. Then, in 1996, her life took a new turn when she stumbled upon the gravestone of a Jane Doe––a murder victim from 1954.

A few years later, she applied her research skills to both old-fashioned detective work and the power of the Internet by entering into a successful partnership with her local sher­iff and with forensic experts of the Vidocq Society to determine the young woman’s identity. She chronicled their work in her book, Someone’s Daughter: In Search of Justice for Jane Doe.

Now an associate member of the Vidocq Society and one of its Medal of Honor recipients, Silvia is an American Investigative Society of Cold Cases consulting committee member, a volunteer in the Detectives Section of the Boulder Police Department, an advisory board member (and social media coordinator) of the organization Families of Homicide Victims & Missing Persons, and a NamUs instructor in classes sponsored by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

She wrote her latest book, Cold Case Research: Resources for Unidentified, Missing, and Cold Homicide Cases, in order to aid other investigators as they grapple with cold cases of their own. Silvia can be reached at or via her website,